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now or never

you're the voice i hear inside my head, the reason that i'm singing

8 July 1989
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Zafyrah. 19 has yet to arrive. Temporarily a pre-school teacher. Enjoys cropping and messing with pictures. Big spending machine. Bad habits include biting nails when anxious, sleeps in between lessons, skipping meals and constantly checking weight. Reading is passion. Definitely not snobbish as known, approach me and you'll know. Early warning to you: I definitely bite when you're testing my patience or trying to irate me. Rawr!

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LIKES: Death Note, Bleach, Japanese mangas and animes to be short, rainy days, windy days, beaches, shopping malls, digital cameras, books, bookstores, KINOKUNIYA!!, libraries, friends, sweets, sundae hot fudge, sleeping, Ben 10, cartoons, game shows, karaoke, bowling, arcades, movies, and the list can go on for another infinity.

DISLIKES: Traffic jams, way-too-hot weather, claustrophobia, huge crowds, celebrity gossips, REAL LIFE GOSSIPS, vegetables, fruits, tea, blushers, mathematics, being underweight, ironies, broken promises, and i dont know when can i stop. Can i stop now?

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